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Shisha Review – Social Smoke Mobster

Sorry for the absence on my part.  A lot has been going on in my life (work, searching for a new place to live, finances, usual life problems).  My mind is full of ideas but with everything happening it is hard to find the time right now.  I promise though, I will not leave you all again because I love my readers so much (without you, then it’s just me reading my own blog).  Anyway, below is my first shisha review of many to come.

Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite (if not my #1 choice when it comes to shisha): Social Smoke Mobster.

Social Smoke is a company that joined the industry only recently (in 2002) and has made a name for itself in the current market by not only manufacturing shisha, but hookah pipes as well.  While they do produce some traditional flavors such as apricot and double apple, they differentiate themselves from the traditional brands (e.g. Nakhla & Al Fakher) by producing more contemporary flavors such as Pandora’s Box, Sex Panther, Tiger’s Blood and my favorite – Mobster.


Mobster is a flavor I have yet to find anywhere else.  What it is meant to taste like is the widely popular Monster Energy drink, and I must say it does it quite well (almost too well if I do say so myself).  From the moment you open the plastic can it comes it you are hit with the strong and familiar smell of the original green Monster.

The cut of the tobacco is typical Social Smoke (shredded) with no stems or artificial dyes, and is very wet (a phunnel or vortex bowl would be best to use so as to prevent the juices from dripping down your stem).

As for the taste, well if you like Monster you will LOVE this.  It is spot on to what a can of Monster taste like.  This shisha produces thick clouds of smoke and the flavor lasts for a long time (unlike some shisha which can lose it’s flavor fairly quick).  It is not uncommon to smoke this in a standard Mya bowl for 2 hours and have it still taste like the first puff.

This tends to be one of the flavors most requested when I bring my hookah anywhere since anyone who has tried it falls in love with it (unless you are someone who does not like Monster).

I would give this shisha a rating of 10/10.  If you are someone who liked hookah and monster, I suggest you go out and buy yourself some of this.


What’s In a Name?

Many of us in the United States have come to know the waterpipe we smoke as a “hookah”, but the name can vary depending on where in the world you may be (or even just your cultural surroundings).  If you are really curious about the origins of all the different names and how terms are used throughout the globe I suggest setting some time aside to read up a bit and educate yourself.  By no means am I an expert on the etymology of the words and phrases used, but I would like to share with you all a basic understanding of the word “hookah”.

What does it mean?  Where did it come from?  Why were you shown waterpipes by the clerk in the store when you asked to see shisha?

Lets start with what we all know: hookah.

Hookah – The common term used in the United States when referring to a waterpipe used to smoke tobacco (or shisha).  For the most part you can get away with using this word throughout the US and have people understand what you are talking about.

Narjilah/Nargileh – Another name for the waterpipe commonly used in countries like Syria, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine.  

Qalyān – Used to refer to a waterpipe in Iran, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Shisha – Commonly used to refer to the tobacco smokes out of the hookah.  However, there can be some confusion when using this word as it has a different meaning in other cultures.  Often spelled “Sheesha”, this term is used to refer to the pipe itself, and NOT the tobacco smoked out of it (common in Egypt and other counties in the Arab Peninsula).  This can be good to know when going into authentic smoke shops since the shop owner may confuse your inquiry about tobacco for a waterpipe instead (happened to me recently on my trip to North Carolina.  I asked the shop owner where he kept the shisha and he pointed me to the waterpipes).  

Mu’assel – Arabic name for the tobacco/molasses/honey/glycerin mixture we all love to smoke in our waterpipes.  Also known as “shisha“.

These are just a few of the various names, but you get the point.  Be mindful of where you are and who you are with when using certain terms.  While using the wrong term will not get you in trouble, you may get some funny looks from people if you say you “smoke shisha in your hookah”.