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Let Me Introduce Myself

As I am not one for long introductions (nor am I a great wordsmith), I will leave this short and sweet.

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I am your host Dima, the Hookah Husky.  You may remember me as the guy from the hookah circle outside that one convention or the guy with the hookah in the park I saw that one time.  But I am more than that, much more.  I am what some would call a connoisseur, or enthusiast, of hookah (waterpipe, narghile, shisha, etc.).  While I may not have as much experience as some other hookah smokers out there, I do know a thing or two about the art, and wish to share my knowledge with all of you out there.  This knowledge includes, but is not limited too; tips, tricks, reviews, and other such fun facts about the hookah and its social/cultural uses.

So stay tuned for updates on an irregular basis, and enjoy your smoke!